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ProGate Technology is an equal opportunity employer. We value talent and want the best people to work with us. We know that our employees are our main stakeholders and they will bring success to the company.

Why Join ProGate Technology?

Working for a company must have reasons behind it, and we provide ten good reasons you should work with us.

Working with the latest in technology – We have the best technology partners in the IT sector. They provide us with the best technology latest and cutting edge. So, you will be handling the best and latest technology while working with us, which increases your overall proficiency.
Always learning – We believe in the culture of “Learning is continuous”, and that is the cue for learning never ends phenomena followed. You will really enjoy the transformation this brings in your career and personality.
Helping everyone to think independently – ProGate Technology encourages people to bring out new ideas which can be mutually beneficial. Every creative solution is rewarded at our company. This helps you to start thinking like an entrepreneur thus changing the way things work around you.
Unity in Diversity – We have a team that includes people from diverse cultures and ethnicity. We believe in inclusivity of all giving everyone equal opportunity to grow. With the diversity of individuals and the unity of the teams, your work life is sure to be enriched.
Celebrating individuality – Everyone born is a unique individual, and no two people are alike. Hence everyone has something different to offer. Once you gel with this culture you will realize the full potential you have.
Making the difference – We like people who get the work done rather than log in hours. We believe in efficiency rather than effectiveness. Hence, we promote the culture of using creativity and purposeful thinking making a difference to the world at large.
Simple ideas get their due – An idea does not need to be complex to make a difference and we realize and recognize this at ProGate Technology. The passion, talent and neo-ideas are enough for you to climb the ladder at Progate.
Making work Fun – Office is a place which one spends almost 40 percent of the whole life. Hence, enjoying the work and loving the environment is essential for long term stay. We at ProGate Technology yearn to make the environment enjoyable for all our employees with positive and constructive approach to work. A weekly round of entertainment helps this endeavor.
Flexible work time – Believing in efficiency means that we trust you to deliver on part of the company. Thus we have flexi timings so that you can get the work-life balance right. With us every day of the week can be a weekend.
Giving back to the society – Earning money for self is important, but giving back to the society is also essential. ProGate technology follows Corporate Social Responsibility helping the lower sections of society to rise up and be a part of the mainstream. For this we have many plans where our employees give their time and energy as well as finance for the upliftment of the society as a whole.

So, if you are looking to change the way you work join us today and change the face of the earth. You have to simply upload the resume and our HR team will contact you with feedback.

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