ITEC – IT Excellency Centers

ProGate Technology has a mutual model of benefits, which is the ITEC (IT Excellency centers). We provide a bundle of services at these centers. The bundle includes:

IT Solutions and Services - ProGate Technology provides best IT Solutions and Services to the clients in association with our partners.

Software licensing – Software Licensing is done on behalf of the partners by ProGate Technology. We provide the right kind of license to the clients for their business and other uses.

IT, Management, Health & Safety Training – Training is the need of all ages. Right from students to professionals to top executives all require training in various disciplines. ProGate Technology has special courses in IT. Management and Health & Safety just meant for you.

The process of becoming the ITEC partner

We choose our ITEC partners very carefully as they are torch bearers of our name. Proper care is taken and there is a due process for the partnership.

Choosing an institution or company in an area – We first choose an institution or company from an area who will become our ITEC partner in providing services.

Building the infrastructure at the partners’ location – The partners’ contribution is investing in the IT infrastructure for the ITEC. The infrastructure is built under close supervision of ProGate Technology.

Providing services and Training at the ITEC – ProGate Technology provides services and Training at these IT Excellency centers.

We build this concept by involving a group which includes top experts in different areas. The combined knowledge is then leveraged with the ITEC being at the center. The ITEC defines best practices, creates efficient processes, and builds templates for increasing productivity all through a continuous process.

The examples of such ITEC are:

Cloud based enablement centers – .ITEC helps the partner find, select, purchase and implement cloud based solutions. The solutions are complete and the client does not need to do anything after the deployment. The maintenance contract is included in the service charter.

Mobile solutions ITEC – ITEC takes care of all mobile based solutions which have become the need of even small businesses and organizations. We assist in constructing the defined solutions.

Training and other services – ITEC also takes up training the students, executives and others as per the need of the organization.

The ITEC is build around the concept of enabling the digitization drive of the Government of India, which requires IT infrastructure to succeed.


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