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PHP (PHP: Hypertext Processor) is an HTML embedded scripting language used for web development. In PHP Training, students are taught how to use PHP for creating forums, picture galleries and surveys and are also used for creating password login page and username. Students are also taught to enhance light weight web pages during PHP Training.  It can be composed with HTML or with other search engines and web frameworks. In order to create dynamic web pages developers use PHP language. PHP language has most of the syntax derived from languages such as C, PERL, and Java.

The innovative mind of Rasmus Lerdorf began writing a series of Common Gateway Interface Perl Scripts, which led to the development of PHP around 1994.

In order to view the development of PHP, the timeline given below gives us the brief view:/

1995 : Lerdorf announced the release of PHP which was formally called as Personal Home Page Tools (PHP tools).
1997-2006 : There were various releases but no development in the language. 2009 : There was a stable release which involved only Security fixes and included features such as namespace support, late static bindings, jump labels, native closures.
2012-13 : The developments were “Bugs and Security Fixes”. 2014 : It will include future releases and will include various innovative features.

The universality of the language can be credited to the coders that made changes and additions to the software that allowed it to use as script processor. Currently the current version of PHP is 7.0 and PHP 7.1 is scheduled to release on November 2016.

Job opportunities in PHP are breath-taking, as the companies need to develop dynamic web sites for promoting themselves on a larger scale.  If a student is planning to build a career in web technology, then joining PHP Trainingwill be highly beneficial in terms of job opportunities and salary package offered.  In India, the numbers of PHP developers are growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. After getting PHP Training, students can get the jobs directly as there is huge demand of the PHP professionals. Students willing to bag a good and exciting career can join ProGate Technology PHP training course in Lucknow, for an exciting experience and acquire the PHP training certification.

PHP is a server side scripting language; therefore knowledge of HTML coding is mandatory to move to the higher levels.

Besides this Database language (SQL, MYSQL and ORACLE) is an important topic which finds application in storing the data into the web pages. So dealing with database queries is important.

In addition, a professional needs to develop an innovative mind framework to deal with the complex problems and to design accordingly to the ambitions and demands of the client/company.

Practicing and constantly rectifying the errors can help a budding professional turn into a pro professional.