Cloud Solutions

Keeping local servers is a thing of the past, and cloud is the in thing at the moment. We at ProGate Technology offer all kinds of cloud based solutions which includes VM (Virtual Machine), storage or an application. The cloud services act like the basic service of electricity which you can consume as you want. It is alternate to computing infrastructure maintenance in house.

Cloud computing services allow you to avoid the cost of purchasing servers. The money you save can be use to further the business, and the best part of the cloud computing is that it is more efficient than the traditional server based infrastructure. This leads to less maintenance cost and better use of information technology. The cloud pricing model also adapts to the need of the customer.

ProGate Technology has a unique plan in place for:

Phase wise seamless transition of all IT based needs to the cloud.

Making you take up services of cloud which are best suited for your business model.

Use cloud to automate, integrate and optimize the resources and processes.

Increasing the competitive edge of your business with seamless communication through cloud.

Reducing the IT infrastructure cost exponentially helping you cut cost.

ProGate is a Microsoft partner in Cloud based services

Microsoft’ infrastructure and quality is ensured when you depend on ProGate Technology for cloud based services. Microsoft has one of the best public cloud services which include platform as a service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS).

Partnering Microsoft enables us to give you simple solutions to your daily needs like office. Office 365 is one of the best ways to manage business communication worldwide. The bundle of services with Microsoft runs on four levels of solutions named as Microsoft Azure.

Virtual Machines – We will create and manage virtual machines which will help you use storage and processing optimally without the need to buy more hardware. This includes Window server machines and Linux virtual machines.

Web Applications – We will help you create applications using Asp.NET and deploy it. With smart phones ruling the roost in dissemination of information this becomes critical for business.

Data Management – We help you get started with building storage services like blobs, tables, files and queues for Window and Linux based machines. This also includes creating SQL based Database.

Server less Computing – The whole idea is to build an environment free of private servers. This will help in better administration and management of the IT infrastructure.

We at ProGate Technology are committed to give you business the edge in competition and you can rely on us to deliver. As Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we will help you transition your systems seamlessly to cloud based system from the traditional computing. Cloud based solutions provided by us are more efficient, secure and reliable than the traditional computing system. We provide free demonstrations at your site in order for you to understand how the system is better than your current system