About ProGate Technology

India is ushering towards the digital age with great acceleration. ProGate Technology has chosen this as the platform to provide excellence in IT services, which will strengthen the infrastructure for the oncoming digital growth. We have chosen Lucknow the capital city of the most populous state in India to be at the forefront of the coming changes in the society and administration. Software licensing is an important part of building the IT infrastructure and ProGate Technology envisages making licensing a norm rather than an exception. ICT solution is another pillar of the IT infrastructure along with cloud based solutions and technical training. These are the four pillars on which the company has been built.

Being the partner with the global leaders Microsoft, Cisco, Veeam and Fortinet‘s Technologies helps us to provide you with services that are standardized to meet industry specific requirements.

We at ProGate Technology yearn to provide solutions in these areas with focus particularly on quality of service. End to end solutions provided by our well qualified team adds to our strength. The philosophy is to provide superior service, excellent communication to solve problems and support which takes away all the worries of infrastructure. We are committed to be accountable while building trust and confidence among our customers that their business will run smoothly with our services in place.

What makes us unique is the ability to work within a budget with no compromises with our services. We help in increasing the productivity of the whole system thus making the daily running of the business smoother, cheaper and of course better. We help our clients to transform the model of business which will take them to the next level in their field of business.


To emerge as the most trusted IT partner globally for the education sector, empowering it with best quality IT services. The path leads to making education affordable and available to all.


Solving the problems encountered by our customers is our mission. Being cost effective we aim to work in close cognizance with our customers providing services as per the need of the business.